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201 C-37 Alston Boulevard
Hampstead, North Carolina 28443

Estimate Number EST-18-370
Estimate Date January 29, 2020
Valid Until February 28, 2020
Total $3,600.00

The following estimate is for moving and to Martab's new GoDaddy hosting plan.

Move and domain names to the new plan.
Make sure the proper MX and TXT records transfer over and are correct for both accounts.
Setting up clients SSL for both sites.
Move existing site files to new plan.
Set up a custom 404 page for redirects (i.e., deleted pages, posts, etc).
Remove old "rentals" cart.
Remove links from existing rental category pages (6) to the old "rentals" cart.
Update all image links and page links from http://  to https:// in order to work with the SSL.
Test all pages to make sure that they function properly and are secure with the SSL.
Move existing site files to new plan.
Make sure that the site functions as it did on the previous hosting plan.
VF cannot guarantee that the site will be secure with the SSL since the site was last updated in 2007. We recommend redesigning the site to be responsive (desktop, tablet and mobile) and work with the SSL. This can be quoted upon request.

Qty Service PriceSub Total
1 Migrate and to new hosting plan $3,600.00$3,600.00
Sub Total $3,600.00
Tax $0.00
Total $3,600.00

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