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201 C-37 Alston Boulevard
Hampstead, North Carolina 28443

Estimate Number EST-18-372
Estimate Date February 26, 2020
Valid Until March 27, 2020
Total $2,400.00

The following estimate is for creating a Martab Solutions landing page to act as a home page for the URL redirect (

Create a landing page concept using the new Martab Solutions Logo:
This page will act as a "Martab Solutions Home Page" linking to the applicable Martab Solution pages in This page will also reside on after being redirected by martab

Implement Concept into live page.

All images on the landing page will be optimized to the smallest size without impacting quality. VF will set up the initial page SEO (tags, titles, alts, meta data, etc.).

Martab Solutions:
Client will provide their email address for all applicable forms.

Qty Service PriceSub Total
1 Martab Solutions landing page

Implement the above estimate.

Sub Total $2,400.00
Tax $0.00
Total $2,400.00

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