201 Alston Boulevard
Suite C, #37
Hampstead, North Carolina 28443

Invoice Number INV-24-22140
Invoice Date June 14, 2024
Due Date June 21, 2024
Total Due $1,600.00
Windermere Exercise Company

WINDERMERE, Florida 34786

BD Website Redesign Project:
Update the look and feel of the home page using the navigation specified in the site schematic. VF will create a site schematic showing all the pages and page hierarchy to be recreated from the old site. VF will also create a home page concept for review. We will also re-purpose existing blog articles.

Following the schematic and concept approval, VF will create the live site in a staging area on our hosting platform.

Qty Service PriceSub Total
1 BD Website Redesign Project Deposit (re: Est. #24WEC-EST1965)

50% deposit. Total for BD site redesign: $3,200.00.

Sub Total $1,600.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,600.00