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Invoice Number INV-18-0694
Invoice Date July 18, 2019
Due Date August 16, 2019
Total Due $0.00

This Invoice is for following SCC projects. Prices shown are 1/3 (Partner split) of the total.

Qty Service PriceSub Total
1 Site Maintenance

1/1/19: Site Maintenance including adding DataBase Optimization Plugin to help with site speed. Updated Wordpress to version 5.0. Updated Copyright Date. Tested site pages - all passed.

1 SCC Site Updates

2/1/19: Removed Sovereign from map, post and link, added Martab into Sovereign territory. Put Alamo back into Texas area. Removed SRC and added Medical Dynamics to our company page. Added Medical Dynamics Page and revised navigation menu. Created 404 page as a redirect to deleted pages (helps with SEO).

1 SCC Site Updates

6/10/19: Removed Doctors Oxygen and OE Myer and replaced with MED Alliance, Inc. Added back Sovereign Medical to the territory from Baltimore to Florida. Revised from 10 Channel to 8. Added SCC offers national coverage - instead of SCC will offer national coverage.

1 Site Maintenance

6/10/19: Site Maintenance. Tested site pages - all passed.

Sub Total $1,925.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$1,925.00
Total Due $0.00